Residential Real Estate for Sale

Residential Real Estate for Sale

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a | Appartment

CLIFTON Apartment, BONVISTA, 4 Bedroom fully renovated 3100 sq ft., servant room, upper floor, sea facing, standby lifts, parking, swimming pool, security, intercom. PROPERTY NETWORK. Ph: 587-7401, 20 lines.

b | Bunglow

CLIFTON Townhouse, west open, 270 sq yds, 6 months used, 4 bedrooms, tiled flooring, best for small family. Contact: REALITY EXPERTS, 537-7011.

c | Portion

DEFENCE VI, Plot 2000 sq yds on 30th street, west open, before Muhafiz. Adjacent to beautiful houses, superb area, ESTATE COUNSEL. Ph: 588-8421.

NB: * Type refers to Apartment/Bungalow/Portion.